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All designed posts are created solely for Comfy Cozy Couture. Please do not use designed posts without permission. Please do not use any original copy from ComfyCozyCouture.com as your own. All photos taken from ComfyCozyCouture.com must be credited and linked back to the original post on ComfyCozyCouture.com. For images not taken by or for ComfyCozyCouture.com, please link to the original source. If your photo or work is posted and is not properly credited, please e-mail Dominique at Dominique@ComfyCozyCouture.com so the proper credit can be given or content can be removed. Comfy Cozy Couture reserves the right to remove any previous posts without notice or explanation. Any comments that are deemed inappropriate by Dominique may be deleted.


Comfy Cozy Couture is affiliated with rewardStyle, ShopSense, and LinkShare. By clicking and/or purchasing items via certain links on this site and across related social media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), I may receive a commision. With that being said, all links connected to these affiliates are things I genuinely love and would promote regardless of the commission received.

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Dominique does occasionally consider Sponsored Posts for products + businesses that fit the content and aesthetic of Comfy Cozy Couture. Posts will be written by Dominique in her voice. Please email Dominique@ComfyCozyCouture.com about any ideas + inquiries for a Sponsored Post. A Sponsored post will always be noted.

And lastly…whenever a company has paid to be featured on ComfyCozyCouture.com, a note identifying the content as sponsored will appear either in the post title, within the post itself, or at the end of the post content. I will always disclose when an item was give to me for free (c/o) or if I was compensated to write about it.

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